Christopher Ardant

Power Up!
We’re all made up of energy.

Energy is required to make all of our bodily functions happen, from sweating, to burning calories, to the simple act of skin cells existing. When you get into the business of treating skin, being mindful of how energy works can be the difference between a successful treatment and one
that misses the mark.
We’re aware of energy in the skin because of a biochemist named Albert Szent-Györgyi von Nagyrápolt, who actually was awarded the Nobel Prize for the isolation of Vitamin C and the reactions of the citric acid cycle.
Albert Szent-Györgyi was incredibly brilliant and fascinated with the concept of energy. He believed that energy was required to maintain the structure of a cell so it doesn't fall apart — that energy is required for every cell to exist and you need extra to repair it.
For my work with the skin, when we apply products, skin cells need to have energy to metabolize the molecules. Energy is essential for repair. The skin will actually require extra energy to absorb and metabolize a product that you rub on the skin. The molecule that aids in processing any treatment, stores and transfers energy in cells is called ATP or Adenosine triphosphate.
Naturally, you have energy in your cells from your metabolism. Glucose goes to your cells and produces ATP as a basic source of energy. But if the skin is running low on energy — no ATP — repair and rejuvenation will be almost impossible. Getting ATP working in skin cells can be
complicated, but starts with a few simple steps.
First, you need rest. If you're tired, the performance of your products will not be peak. Sleep and rest are integral to any kind of skin repair.
Nutrients and micronutrients provide a steady supply of energy around the clock. A balanced diet matters so much. Some people even suggest that you take a teaspoon of almond butter before going to bed so your body has some slow absorption nutrients while you sleep and repair.
And then there are the outside stimuli that can bring energy to the skin — high frequency devices, microcurrent and cold lasers.

Acupuncture works on the body’s electromagnetic energy, increases blood flow and unblocks energy. I suggest that everyone get some sort of acupuncture to increase their energy.
High frequency devices actually transfer electrons to the skin cells. The most common device we use for this is the Dermawand and it's designed for home use. It can be used a few minutes a week to stimulate the nerves, skin and blood flow. It also has an antibacterial effect on the skin.
The high frequency method uses electrons — it’s an electron donor to the tissue.
The cool thing about the high frequency is that it’s been in use since 1896. You can also use it on your scalp to stimulate the blood flow for your hair follicles. It will not rejuvenate hair growth but the hair that does grow will be stronger.
I have a client in Switzerland — he's blond and has sun damage on his scalp from being in the sun for 30 years. He invested a great deal of money for a hair transplant, but nobody told him to care for his scalp, so the transplanted hairs are dying. His scalp is all scar tissue, so of course there is no circulation. The skin is dead.

Regular high frequency treatments to his scalp could have increased the blood flow and the health of his skin. And more blood flow means the hair that was growing could be thicker and stronger.
FUN FACT: Many years ago, there was a woman who was diagnosed with tuberculosis and was given six months to live. She worked at a salon at the time and continued to work, specifically giving women treatments with this new device that massaged the client’s scalp and face. For four-to-five hours daily, she was operating this device with the electric currents flowing through her arms and body. Soon thereafter, she discovered she was cured of her terminal illness, something she credited to the high frequency treatments and a change in her diet. She later
became the famous healer Hazel Parcells sharing these and other philosophies on health.
Microcurrent applications are absorbed by the tissue because it's a very, very small amount of current. It’s much, much, much smaller than the quantity received from the TENS machine, commonly used in physical therapy. It works according to the Arndt-Schultz law of physiology.
Contra-intuitively, the more gentle the stimuli, the better the physiological benefits.

Cold lasers are non-ablative — they don't burn the tissue. They were originally studied by NASA for healing the wounds of astronauts. They were discovered to be healing. Now they’re used for rejuvenation, particularly with joints and skin, which is a new discovery in the past 20
(Conversely, hot lasers are used when you want to remove tissue, like a mole. You always wear goggles for protection because this light doesn't lose power with distance like cold laser light.)

Photons emitted by the cold laser device penetrate and saturate skin tissues. Scientists believe that within the mitochondria, there are molecules called chromophore. Chromophore absorb the frequencies of red and amber — the photons. This is the body using its ability to “suck in” energy from the outside — transforming one form of energy to another. Isn’t this fascinating?
And once your skin has been charged up, and your ATP stimulated, it’s best to apply your overnight products and go straight to a place of rest. Skip reading or watching TV before bed — if your brain is using energy, your skin’s not getting it. Harness the power for the benefit of your skin.

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