Christopher Ardant

The skin around the eyes is especially delicate and requires special treatment.
The reason for the fragility is a simple one — the skin directly under the eyes does not have sebaceous glands. Do you ever wonder why you will never see a blackhead directly under your eyes? This is why. This area is similar to the center of the neck — also no sebaceous glands. Accordingly, you treat the skin o ...

I recently participated in an Instagram LIVE with Niko Lopez, the lead international makeup artists for NARS Cosmetics, where we did a demonstration of micro-needling at home. He was an established client at my center in New York and had previously received multiple combined deep chemical peels and micro-dermabrasion.

I had made as much progress as possible with those treatments on three s ...

Everyone loves the idea of micro-needling and a do-it yourself option.

What’s not to love? It promises miracles — more youthful looking skin, no wrinkles, it purports to stimulate collagen growth and makes scars go away — it sounds almost too good to be true…

In 2005, my Swiss center was chosen as the testing site for micro-needling for skin rejuvenation. I tested it ...

We’re all made up of energy.

Energy is required to make all of our bodily functions happen, from sweating, to burning calories, to the simple act of skin cells existing. When you get into the business of treating skin, being mindful of how energy works can be the difference between a successful treatment and one
that misses the mark.
We’re aware of energy in the s ...

Exfoliation is an excellent way to keep the surface of your skin looking smooth and attractive.

The benefits of cosmetic exfoliation include:
  • More even color;
  • Better texture;
  • More efficient penetration and absorption of high-tech actives;
  • Smoother skin to the touch; and
  • Makeup will appear more flawless because there is a better base to work with. ...

If you only do one thing for your skin, most skincare professionals will tell you to protect it from sun and light exposure.

That’s right — it’s not just sun that you need to be concerned with. Any light from natural and artificial sources (think light bulbs) has the ability to induce free radical damage to the cells of your skin.

There are very good options f ...

Did you know… Your skin is your body’s largest immune system organ?
Every time anything comes in contact with the skin, there is a complex reaction that involves the Langerhans cells. These cells exist only the surface of the skin and protect you by keeping dangerous microbes from entering your body. The Langerhans cells are your body’s the first line
of defense and when they se ...

Get Glowing: Vitamin C Can Make You Luminous
Vitamin C is necessary for your overall health, both inside and out.
And used properly as part of a skincare regime, it will help unleash a new luminosity and a healthier, younger looking complexion.
In fixed light and fixed focus pictures of clinical studies of people who have used Lascorbic acid Vitamin C topicall ...

Goodness, Inside and Out: Vitamin C and Why It’s Good For Skin
Everyone knows that Vitamin C is good for you.
In America, we’ve been inundated with advertisements and recommendations, touting how imperative Vitamin C is to our health every day. It’s in practically every multivitamin on the market. It’s found in tons of foods like broccoli, kale, Brussels ...

The Single Worst Thing You Can Do To Your Skin
Smoking cigarettes is terrible for you.
This should come as no surprise. The idea that smoking is terrible for your health is as old as the tobacco industry. But did you know smoking is the single worst thing you can do for the skin on your face and body?
Smoking strangles the capillaries that bring nutrients ...

Sleeping Beauties:
Are Sleep Masks Interfering With Your Beauty Regime?

Everyone has a sleep mask. Whether for a flight, a midday nap or to signal to your significant other you are in bed for shut eye, a sleep mask is one of the simplest pleasures, and most effective tools, out there.

However, by donning this miracle product after applying your night or eye creams, serums ...

An Introduction to Understanding How to Slow Down Your Skin’s Aging Process

Medical professionals and skincare specialists know you can keep your body healthy and skin looking ageless by paying attention to the following: physical activity, nutrition, supplements and treatments proven to slow the aging process.

Unfortunately, most of the general population chooses not t ...